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The Big Ben Grip Straps have been designed and tested for durability and heavy lifting, we have taken a good product and engineered it even better! 

Why do you ask? 
Well, because we can but also because we believe in selling the best possible version of a product!


Lifting straps in standard form do their job. However, how often do you find yourself readjusting between reps or contemplating figure 8 straps for certain movements?
Probably more often than you'd like! 

As a strongman competitor, I want to ensure I'm using the best products (even if they're not my own!) to ensure every session produces the best results. 
Having personally used figure 8 straps and regular straps, I found I wanted the best of both worlds but this was not possible.... until now!

The Big Ben Grip Straps are constructed from a nylon webbing which is rated to 2 tonne alone! Added with this is industrial strength thread and sewing methods to reduce any chance of breaking. To finish off is our own idea, a one of a kind 2 sided silicon dot finish that offers unreal amounts of grip vs a standard strap.
In our own testing where we tried to be as fair as possible, we got almost twice as much grip over a standard cotton strap!

The Big Ben Grip Strap will be the last strap you'll ever need to buy!

There are 3 versions available:
-Cotton normal length
-Nylon normal length
-Nylon Axle length


The cotton is recommended for every day users or for use on lighter lifts such as lat pull downs, bent over rows etc. The reason for this is because cotton is much weaker than nylon so is not recommended for heavy lifters. The cotton is also softer and more pliable than the nylon making it more user friendly.


Sold as a pair.


  • 5
    Wrist straps

    Posted by Liz Wright on 3rd May 2019

    These are of superior quality and very reliable

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